Financial support

Hi Everyone.

I am new to the forum after having recently moved in with my partner who was diagnosed with early onset parkinsons a few years ago.
He is getting to the stage where work is a real struggle for him and we would like for him to be able to cut down on his hours.
We have tried looking into the different benefits etc available but have to admit find it all really confusing and we are unsure what to enquire about as we dont want to claim for one thing and then be told it is the wrong one or we cant apply for any others. As i am sure you are all aware it is a little bit of a mine field.
I am hoping that you guys have experienced similar and will be able to point us in the right direction and also share your experiences of what is the best route to take.
Thank you in advance for your help and have a good day.

Hi Karen99
It’s great to see you have found the forum. Have you seen the information on in the newly diagnoosed section (aware you have been managing for a few years) but there are some useful links. I did not disclose my diagnosis until nearly a year after but it came to a point where I felt following the advice on here and the support from Access to Work I have workplace adjustments. These are there to support my disabilities, including earlier starts, finishes, rest breaks and it really does make a difference in to how to pace myself. Some employers out there unfortunately still need educating around supporting disabilities in the workplace but hope this will give you a starting point. Take care :smile:

Hi. I was contacted by someone from the Money Advice Unit/ Welfare Rights Advisor who are connected to my local council. The lady who I’ve been put in contact with has been fantastic at helping me through what I can claim for considering my circumstances with Parkinsons, and is very helpful in advice and helping to fiil in the forms also.