Hi hope everyone is well. Been a long time since I was last on here but I would like to ask if anyone has used Finasteride for reducing prostrate and what if any side effects you have suffered from . We have been trying with my husband to use if for the past three months but everytime he uses it he suffers from very bad confusion and unsteadiness more than normal and we have to stop it for a week or so and try again.
Would appreciate it if anyone has used it to let me know how they got on with it. Thanks Sue

I have been on Finasteride for Prostate for many years before diagnosis with Parkinson’s.
So Far no problems.
I am currently trying a Ketogenic diet - helps with Epilepsy and Alzheimers.

My husband has taken finasteride along with tamsulosin for about 18 months since an episode of urine retention caused by an enlarged prostate. His waterworks have been fine since. However, my husband is taking no other drugs at present and you could ask a pharmacist if there are any known interactions with any other drugs your husband takes. My husband is unsteady at times but that was evident long before he started finasteride.

My husband has been on Finasteride and Tamulosin for over 2 years with no side effects.