Find community-contributed self-care ideas for Parkinson’s Disease from

We have built an online repository called PDCareBox for discovering Parkinson’s disease self-care techniques. More than 300 people with Parkinson’s and their carers have shared their self-care expertise for this purpose.
We invite you to try PDCareBox and help us develop into a useful community resource:

Inside PDCareBox you can find techniques by using four criteria you: sociality, affordability, effectiveness and community familiarity. You can also see what people think the technique is good for.
After you test PDCareBox, we ask for your opinion of the tool and the techniques via an online questionnaire.

This project is an international research collaboration between University of Oulu, Aalborg University, Fraunhofer University, ULisboa, the University of Melbourne, the University of Pittsburgh and University of Glasgow.
We kindly ask you to share the online tool at to your peers. This will help the ongoing research by the participating universities, and you will also help us to improve the tool so that the entire community can benefit better from it in the future.