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Hello. I am trying to identify a neurologist for an initial assessment for my husband in the Birmingham area. We are hoping to fund ourselves up to diagnosis due to horrendous waiting times, and his gp is not in a position to recommend anyone. We have found a couple via private hospital and NHS directories, but we are working blind and do not know who would be the best choice. Can anyone offer any advice please?

Hi @Soph21, welcome to the forum, it might be worth your while asking your GP Surgery if they’ve got a phone number for your nearest Parkinsons Nurse, these in turn would be able to point you in the right direction.


Hello , for my diagnosis I went to a Nuffield health hospital as a private self funded patient , you can search for neurologists on their website and book directly. It was around £150 and then they can refer you back to the NHS for tests (MRI, DATscan etc). Good luck.

Thank you Les and DB123. I will certainly look up these options. Do you know of any “league table” of PD consultants, ie where I could avoid an obvious bad choice?

Hi again @Soph21 with my being located in Devon my Neurologist is at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. For my Deep Brain Stimulator I come under Southmead Hospital, Bristol(originally I had mine fitted at Addenbrookes, Cambridge). Addenbrookes Hospital was my closest Neurology team where I lived before(Peterborough).


I totally understand your frustration with waiting times. I’ve been told my waiting time is estimated at 56weeks, I’m now considering looking at a private assessment too. Good luck x

Thank you all for your comments. I will report back on the outcome. It’s probably time I started looking at the wide range of topics covered in the forum!

Hi Soph21,
I like Les am located in Devon, my Consultant is in Charing Cross Hospital, in Fulham Palace Road in London, as is my PD Nurse Specialist. I travel there about 5 times a year which coincides with a visit to my son in Kew.
I was living in West London when I was diagnosed and we moved to Devon 6 years ago. As I liked my Consultant and PD Nurse and they didn’t try and get rid of me in the shortest possible time when I had an appointment I still keep going, as down here in Devon the wait time is terrible. As Les said speaking to your GP would hopefully be helpful or if you have a Parkinsons Group near you they are usually very helpful.
If you don’t mind travelling to your Consultant, Charing Cross has a team of Neurologists and I am sure you can be referred to any Hospital.

Sending you best wishes


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