Finding a nursing home Scotland

Hi there, if anyone could advise it would be much appreciated.

My mother who has Parkinsons and more recently Parkinson’s dementia has been in extended respite for about 6 weeks now. We wanted to see how she settles and so far so good. However the private nursing home, which we have been very happy with, have said that they are not sure they can keep her on without it costing a lot more. They say that they feel she needs more one on one support, because of her balance problems and when she is very active and mobile, which can be a lot, they need to monitor her more.

It’s very disappointing as we are really pleased with the home and my mother seems to be settled. We would have been self funding but by the sounds of it, with the extra support costs it could now be almost double. They told me the council may cover the extra if it is nursing needs, but social services have now given me a list of local council rate homes I should look at.

Problem is, my mother is a lot of work, particularly because she can be so active and I don’t know how I can find another home and know if they will be able look after her adequately. It originally gave peace of mind that we were able to choose a nice private one using self funding but now I fear we may have to settle for one that may not be as comfortable or be able to support her as we wished.

If anyone has any advice, particularly on how to find somewhere good it would be much appreciated.

Hi @George79, :wave:

This is very disappointing indeed and I can understand why you would feel dissatisfied with the private nursing home that you’ve mentioned.

We have a lot of information on home care and care homes via the Parkinson’s UK website which I’m sure you’ll find useful. Though I’m sure you’ll hear from other members of the forum community with their own personal experiences/advice, you are always welcome to speak to an adviser via our free and confidential helpline for more support on this. They will also be able to point you in the right direction - please give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,