Finding Happiness with Parkinson’s

Hi All,

I recently wrote a book called Finding Happiness with Parkinson’s which chronicles my first five years living with, coming to terms with, and ultimately taking back control of my life with young onset PD. I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules by mentioning it here, but proceeds will go to Parkinson’s charities anyway…

The book is available on Amazon UK here or on other Amazon sites by searching on the title.

Although this is a very personal account, I hope this might be useful to one or two people.

Best wishes

Hi JF, Sounds like an interesting read. Can relate to the taking back control.

Just downloaded your book to my kindle…looking forward to reading it.

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I have downloaded it to Kindle and really enjoying the read. So many similarities to my own journey. In particular the Heart Failure chapter. I suffered a heart attack early in my diagnosis. My troponin levels were at 3,000 when I was admitted to A&E. After an angiogram, echo cardiagram and heart MRI, all of which were fine it was concluded that its was my Parkinson’s meds. Specifcally Rasagaline. It even as it documented in the leaflet as an uncommon side effect, along with skin cancer and stroke.

Ironically my consultant actually said I should carry on taking it. No thanks mate,I think I will try something else!!

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Thanks for reading… really glad to hear it’s of interest!

Hi JF,
I bought your book from Amazon and looking forward to read it.

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Just to add, you can hear an interview on Radio Parkies with @mrjohnnyparky about my book here: Mixcloud

Thanks Johnny!

Hi JF and you’re most welcome. Thank you also for taking part. If any one would like to take part like JF and of course Sheffy, please get in touch and can arrange something.

Hi I have just finished this wonderful read, thank you for sharing :star: :books:

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Hi read the book as alreadyposted, but have found this interview, really enjoyed listening to the discussion, thank you again for sharing, you have given me a few giggles along the way :smile:

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