Finding it difficult now the honeymoon period is over

I don't get depressed but i do become bored not being able to leap around as i could seven years since.
i've managed to get myself referred to a different consultant and that has buckeed me up a bit - new hospital new staff new hope an all that.
I notice while cruisin the forum that a wider variety of drugs are being used than i've been used to hearing aboutin these parts - guess the yonng and the lucky have preference?
I'm not sour, just bored, bored bored. my problem is that I cannot concentrate to read and my hands are too shaky to draw paint or write. Tv has no allure for me.
no. that's not my big problem.
i suffer as i am beginning to suffer now from chest spasms which bend me up and hamper my breathing and don't clear until i stretch out on the floor for half an hour. Any one out there suffer the same? is it only me? these spasms attack me most while silver surfing - because i'm bored.
My fingers and my mouse don't get on together. Luckily i have a way out terrific partner/wife we are off on a short bus holiday soon - any advice for sitting on a coach for hours?

Hi Scribbler. Seems you are having a pretty tough time. First I suggest you you see your Parkinson's nurse (if you have one) or your neurologist to see if your medication could be adjusted to better effect. Make a list of your symptoms and how they vary from day to day.
As for the boredom, I can only say that this is entirely up to you to put right. I presume you are now retired. A life without work can take some getting used to (it did with me) and you have to find new and pastimes. If you have a caring and supportive wife, that's a big bonus. She could perhaps help you to socialise more and make new friends. Above all don't bottle things up. Talk about them.
Good luck!
no all about the bordem used to have own business very busy one now hands and well most of bod dosnt want to work the way it did i still get out when i dont feel down in the dumps or to shaky maybe we should be come cocktail waiters or somethin i try to make a joke of it sometimes as used to love a good laff the only thing is my old mates find it ok to have a laff at my exspence teese days any ways im waffalin try to keep positive im 45 dignosed at 35 still keepin hope for cure never give up x
Hello Scribbler
LIke you I'm bored out of my mind. My granddaughter lent me her Nintendo DSi and I've found that I can manage it and so play games on it now. ALso, I have a Voice Recognition programme for the computer as my fingers and mouse seem to hate each other! I use Dragon Naturally Speaking - I speak and it types for me. I am currently trying to write short stories about my life from childhood and this keeps my mind enterained for some part of the day.

I hope you find something which stimulates you.