Finding the right medication

Hi all I was hoping you could shed some light on how long it took all of you/ your loved ones to find a treatment that works for you? My dad who got diagnosed with parkinson’s 12 months ago is still yet to find anything that helps him in the slightest. It’s really started to have a negative effect on his mental health as he has had to quit his job as a maintenance man and now can only walk around a mile before he is shattered and unable to do anything for the day. Can you shed some light into your medication experiences so i can at least put his mind at rest that there is something out there for him.

Thanks so much in advance. Trying my best to help him.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news buy I am 3 years in and still trying to find something that works. I have had one major symptom fixed. That was a very bad stiff neck which was pretty miserable living with by taking Stalevo. However general muscle rigidity, extreme fatigue, apathy etc etc are still prevalent. I am just about to increase my Stalevo dosage but not holding my breath. I do have better days and exercise does help alot. But for me it has been a fight from day one

Hope you find something