First appointment

Hi All  : )

Maybe a bit late in the day to ask, but my mum, who's 91, has a tentative diagnosis following a hospital admission for something else (pneumonia) earlier this year, and has her first neurology appointment tomorrow.

Aside from the difficulties of getting her there (she's still very much in rehab, and any outing feels like a major expedition!), I'm still learning about Parkinson's and I'm not at all sure what to expect from this appointment, or to ask. Obviously we're hoping for a bit more certainty in what seems like a very uncertain time - but I suspect it may not be that simple!  Is there a list of questions or anything I should take?

if anyone has a minute or two between now and tomorrow to jot down any suggestions or advice, I'd be very grateful.  I'm new to the forum and still finding my way around, so hopefully this is the right place to ask!




Off the top of my head. You're right to say it's not that simple. My guess is your mum might be difficult to diagnose. She may be asked about sense of smell, balance, tremors, handwriting, falling, pains, constipation and more. And if my mum in law is anything to go by, difficulties in any of those areas may not (or may) indicate PD. i guess you're used to accompanying your mum on hospital visits? So you'll know to be prepared to check your mum's being realistic in her answers, and at the same time to take on board what the dr says.

The question I might ask would be - if not PD then what? If you can't dx now then when? Whether you can or can't dx, what can you do to alleviate symptoms?

And if you want some light reading before be, look through the booklets on this site: I'm sure there used to be one valled something like "my first neuro appointment"

Best wishes to you both


Thanks  : )   As an update, the consultant was really nice and fortunately has a sense of humour as mum was at pains to let him know what a personable young man he was!!!  cool   .. this was after she'd mentioned her main problem was drooling .... anyway, he's written to the GP with a "pragmatic" diagnosis of Parkinson's, since he said the only way to be sure would be to stop the meds and see what happens. SInce none of us is up for that, I think we have a diagnosis ...