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Good evening all. I am not even sure if i am doing this correctly but am just so glad i have found a way to communicate to people in a similar situation Firstly, my spelling is atrocious and spellcheck is disabled because it drives me mad so please bare with me. I was diagnosed (blindsided) in may16 and i have been tring to ignore this ever since. Posting here is a huge step for me. I was 0ut on meds sinimet 3 times a day and honest apart from.the coming down periods i feel its working fine, i have just been for.a review with my consultant and in the 5 minute consultation we had he deemed the meds to be doing their job and therefore not to be amended which suits me fine but thats it! See u again in 4 months. Bye. I kinda think that you dont drop a bombshell on someone and walk away and leave them to.sort it out themselves but maybe thats just me. Anyway i have so.many questions to.ask and anger to.vent and i dont want you all to.block me so ill leave it there for now. I hope i have done this right and i hear back from.some one. Thanks for reading Top

Welcome thedogwalker, I left a reply on 'new to group '. DivineR


If you are interested look at john pepper information and  may be of interest to you john gray.  put names into google and parkinsons some advice to take or dismiss diet excercise and nutrition Vit D especially.  A friend of mine continued to work as a nurse up to 11 yrs since diagnosis.  Everyone is different but as DivineR says try to stay positive as hard as it is.  I am in 8th year ropinerole 4mg and rasagline 1mg doing ok . There is a excellent help line parkinsons uk , able to seek solutions get support there too.  Take care


Hi thedogwalker, 


Welcome to the forum. It sounds like it was a surreal experience to meet your consultant and then be sent on your way like that, do you think those 5 minutes were enough? Maybe next time you can try to prepare yourself and get the most out of the meeting, the others will have some good tips on how to do this, but we can help too if you need advice. You'll get a lot of great advice on the forum but don't forget we're here to answer any questions you have from our side too. 

Hope you're having a good day! 




Hello thedogwalker,

Massive step for you joining here well done.  I remember how I felt when I first joined.

I'm 47 diagnosed Aug 2015.Responded super well to Sinemet, that was short lived and moved onto Sinemet Plus.  I was ok for a while then a few months ago started to suffer with a lot of "off times" which is having a major impact on my life, Waiting to start a new drug trail and hoping it works wonders for me.

Just wondering how your getting on and if you any questions you'll get some real honest advise from us all.