First Dyskenesia

Today I had my first experience of dyskenesia. I went to open my front door and both my legs went into a random spasm. I’m a tall person, 6’8", so I could let my visitor in the door. Quite a surprise for him!

I wonder just when I can no longer trust my legs what the DWP will do to me? Ho humm

Hello Simon, I feel like my legs go all weak when I’m out and about, is that a sign that I’m going to start having one of those episodes, bye.

Terrible dyskinesia in bed last night. My left leg kicking out and trapping me in the covers.
Twisted my knee in the process. Should I reduce the dosage?

Hi AllisonEloise,

Just to let you know, there’s some information about wearing off and dyskinesia on our website here that you may find helpful.
We would recommend you see your GP or specialist for advice about your medications. You can also call our Helpline advisers on 0808 800 0303 who will be glad to talk things through with you.

Best wishes,
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Hi I’m excited to tell you that I’m currently on a research trial for the side effects of sinemet. Dyskenesia is when your legs arms jerk or wriggle uncontrollably, I’m not told wether the tablets are placebo or the drugs, even my neurologist doesn’t know .but I have noticed a difference, a big difference I’m usually at my worst in the evening but have been quite calm, the only thing is that my tremors have been slightly worse.but I suppose the sinnemet could be adjusted, only a 4 week trial then I’m, off them it has given me a lot of hope .:rofl:

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