First fall

Hi all, I haven't posted on here for ages but something happend to me today that prompted me to share with you all, as I know you will all understand.

I was walking up the stairs and unfortunately I had a mug in one hand and a plate with food in the other.

I was on the last step going upstairs and I fell,  Everything was in slow motion.  My drink went all over me (I had milk, thank god it wasn't a hot cup of tea) and my food went everywhere...the dog got that.

I sat and cried but luckily Hubby and Son were home.  I think it was a reality check for them.

It has shook me as you can tell.  I'm sure some of you have had worse falls but this was my first one.



Hello Janet sorry to hear you have had a fall . You must feel really shaken . It is something that worries me at the moment as my walking is affected . I am a bit worried about the bad weather coming and getting to work  . Will have to get some sturdy boots . I am just taking azilect at the moment and it has had some effect but not really with my walking . Only been on it five weeks . I hope you are ok . I suppose if you'd had one free hand you may have been able to stop yourself but then maybe not . I fell down the stairs a few years ago and I had both hands free and still wasn't able to stop myself . Then I was sick ! It is an awful shock . Did you hurt yourself ? 

I didn't hurt was shock more than anything else.

Hi janet63

My main symptoms are movement ones -  freezing at doorways and when halted unexpectedly (eg by people in shops) and gait initiation difficulties. I am fine when out walking freely, eg with the dog, and thought I was OK going up and down steps. However, I also fell down the stairs when going up - not quite sure what happened, think I bent down to pick something up on about step 5, and must have fallen backwards as I straightened up - landed flat on my back at the bottom - really hurt my back which is still not completely pain free (fall was in June). As you say, it was terrifying, that feeling of flying backwards through the air as if a big hand had come out and pushed me! Now, I always hold on to the rail. Worst thing of all is that it has eroded yet another bit of self confidence in walking anywhere in urban situations and I am getting a bit freaked out by slight dowhill slopes & ramps. If only I could blame it all on too many G&Ts!! 

I had a half fall last week. Slipped and fell half in half out of bath. My leg is now a glorious technicolour riot of purple crimson........... Friendly builder is coming.

Right, just read that back to myself.................... please keep morph and BA out of here................


            Yes you must take care with your postings mosie, or you can be misconstrudled,.I have had more falls and dangerous stumbles in the last three months than the last 15yrs, its old parky gnawing away at my STABAUGS,  stability augmentation systems allmost going head first down the stairs once and hitting my  head hard enough to cause concussion and memory loss,I was in NTGH, for two days ,  as a result I installed hand rails as and where they were necessary, the social services will install them for you free, or  they did pre- CON-DEMS that may have all been dismantled now but there is no harm in asking.  Also you must take care and not leave obstacles lying on the floor, even somthing as big  as a leggo brick can destabilise you, I know It happened to me, breaking my little finger, left hand.

                                 I wish you well mosie                   FED