First Neuro Appointment

Hi All

I have my first Neuro appointment in a couple of weeks ,i was wondering if it was worth writing down my symptoms to take but i was thinking this would make me look like a hypochondriac.

i have not got much experience in these matters and i know i will forget something.Also my visible tremor has seemed to calm down over the past few weeks apart from the night time and morning ,what feels like internal shaking,i still have the other issues as previously reported with an extra bonus of pain and numbness to the left foot.I must admit i wanted to cancel the appointment. i guess i am looking for a little guidance here ,i  still cant open up to Family and Friends, and found myself trying to hide away so they do not notice anything and no one talks about what is happening.

Hi Steve

Yes write all your symptoms down as the more info you give the Neuro the better he can judge what's going on,  DO NOT cancel your appointment as not knowing is far worse than knowing and if you do have PD the drugs can make your life a whole lot easier .

As for family and friends if you don't talk to them how can they help you ? We all go through the agony of how people will react but in the end you need someone close to talk to . I'm not shy and tell every one that will listen lol that way i get all the support I need .

 Live well.   Cc


Write down everything Steve even if you don't think it's relevant,it may well be,even your hand writing is a bit of the jigsaw he'/she will ask and take notes called history taking.. when you first felt ill, how you noticed it, how long, job back ground, every symptom helps  build a picture, past and present, the more pieces the better.

Hi Steve,

There was no way I was going to take the chance of a misdiagnosis on my appointment with the Neurologist so I kept a comprehensive record of all my symptoms in the months leading up to my appointment. My writing has degenerated into an incomprehensible scrawl so I typed it all up on my computer and printed it off on the day. I found the consultation quite stressful and under such circumstances it will be difficult to remember everything you want to tell the Neurologist. All the best with the appointment.

Thanks Guys

I will do that , hope you are all good .and many thanks for your kind words and advice.


Try and keep a record of dates too. The first neurologist I saw got quite irritated when I couldn't remember how long I'd had certain symptoms, and in which order they'd appeared.