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My dad has had parkinsons for about 12 years, only diagnosed about 6 years ago, after pushing and pushing with their GP to get something done!

He has deteriorated rapidly recently - and today when we were out, he was really struggling to walk. He has started to go very stiff and lean backwards, which as you can imagine makes him vulnerable to falling. Has anyone got any tips about how to deal with this?

I won't off load completely on my first post - don't want to put everyone off!!!

Welcome to the Forum Helen.

My o/h had problems walking but he tended to lean forwards rather than backwards. Can you get your father referred to a physio? If he has a Parkinsons' nurse this might be the quickest way to get a referral. Otherwise, it would have to come from the GP or the neuro.

Keep posting and looking at the forum. You will find plenty of support and information on here.
Hi Helen
I suffered with walking difficulties myself and ,as Worrals suggests a physio did help . My parkinsons nurse refered me to a rehab centre and the help they gave me was invaluable . Good luck :grin: