First post

Hello, well, where to start.

I am 71 and already have Lupus (SLE), but was diagnosed with Parkinson’s as an addition to that this week. I also have Sjögrens Syndrome which often comes with lupus. My GP said it’s quite rare to have both lupus and Parkinson’s. I didn’t expect the diagnosis and felt that all my symptoms were due to having lupus.

I have had a number of falls in recent years and broke my upper humerus about a year ago. That led the doctors to send me to neurology which eventually led them to my latest diagnosis.

I am a positive person and have taken the view that nothing has changed, I just have a new label and my husband and I can deal with issues as they arrive. Having given me the diagnosis this week, my GP sent us off to think and absorb the situation and return next week to discuss the way forward. At this point I have no idea what medication I will be given or how that will react with the medication I’m already on for my lupus. I’m trying to remain chilled about it or my lupus will flare up. I’m just reading lots of stuff and having a good look at other people’s stories on this forum. I will be interested to hear from others what is likely to happen re treatment so that I can prepare myself for dealing with this new challenge.

Love Sylvia x

Hi Sylvia
I really feel for you Sylvia, I am also in the position of other conditions , I have diabetes type 1 oesteporosis and lymphoedema and I’m a major migraine sufferer I am limited to a smaller range of medications as most others clash with each other so its been a long journey to get a combination of medications that would work with each other, which meant for a long time my Parkinson’s was not under good control and even now its a fine balancing act., it will take time but eventually they will find a combination that will give you some relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s and keep on top of your other conditions. I kept a journal for the effects on yourself with each new thing they tried. You may not get a perfect combination but you can see what symptoms you can live with from all your conditions . I dont know if this helps in anyway Sylvia. X

Hi Imzadi12

Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you for responding. It’s reassuring to know that it is possible to make a balance between different health issues. It’s a strange situation when you have a diagnosis, but no information as to how things will be managed. It’s on my mind all the time at the moment, but I hope it will all settle once I understand what life is going to be like from now on.

I think this forum is going to be a great help.

Sylvia x