First time experience of Prolopa 125

Just got dx. Had the classic experience of neurologist saying - "you've got it, it's not so bad, take these drugs and come back in a month".
I already lost 5kg in the 2 weeks after the initial assesment. I took the meds - Prolopa 125 3 times a day - for 4 days last week, they made me feel very weird. It took me 2 hours to recover after the 8am and 12 noon doses - dizzy, sleepy, just had to lie down - yet I was fine with the 4pm dose. It did seem to improve the stiffness in my left arm/shoulder a bit but no change with tremor. But I lost another kilo in 3 days and felt desperate...I was already on sick leave for stress/burnout so I decided to stop the meds temporarily and get some psychological help while stabilising my weight/finess activity. That was last week...
Neurologist was not much help, she said it was up to me when I wanted to start the meds, depending on how badly I experienced the symptoms, and that I just had to play around with the meds but she didn't give me any parameters for this. She also didn't really explin the pros and cons of the meds. I read elsewhere that it is common to stagger the doses at the start, building up to 3 doses over eg 10 days.
Does anyone have experience/advice to offer me on this?
prolopa is the same as madopar = levadopa + benzewhatsit

personally i have no trouble with it and find it very effective.
usually people put weight on with treatment.

Did it take you long to acclimatise or were you fine from the start? Personally I suspect I was already so sick with shock that it was just too much in one go. I'm hoping I will fare better with a second go in a few weeks.
Also, what does 'effective' mean for you? I don't really know what to expect/hope for.
touch wood, i've not had much trouble with madopar. i notice its effect within 15 minutes - stiffness reduced etc. important to take on empty stomach not eat for half an hour and plenty of water. symptoms never disappear but a lot less noticeable
ps you are on the recommended starting dose so, no, you wouldn't usually titrate up to your dose.