first time on the forum

hi there not shaw wether this is wright so i will keep it short, my name is jim i am 64 years old , i have had pd for about 7 years my job is a hoticultural fitter , wich in the last year has become very difficult to the point that i have cut my days down to 2. the drugs i am are sinimet and repinerole, my main problems are musle pain and stiffness more so at night,causes me to have bad sleeping nights, just wondering wether any body else is thesame, i am at my wits end the drugs i am on dont help much with the pain.

Hi James, and welcome to our community forum. We just wanted to make sure you’re aware of the resources available to you here. Namely our website at, and our free and confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303. Between these two services you should be able to find some assistance with your medication, etc.
We hope you’ll take advantage of these options, and with our warmest welcome,

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