First timer

Hi I was diagnosed in March 2013 with parkinsons and really dont know what to expect in the coming months and years. My diagnosis was Hemi parkinsons left sided mostly.

Welcome to the forum Seanjoe. I was only dx in Jan 2013 and have left sided symptoms too (my dominant side unfortunately). PD usually hits asymmetrically in early years and will probably always be worse in that side. Read all you can to educate yourself is my advice. Nobody can tell you what to expect as we're all on an individual journey. Good luck on yours. 

Welcome friend I have been dx 6yrs now rt  side predominates the ride for each of us is different but you won't get bored lol! sincerely the folks here help and we all understand the whirlwind that has hit your liffe knowledge is power and you will soon be your own expert! Best wishes to you. 

Welcome from Canada.  Coming up to 3 years since dx and as long as I maintain a regularity with my drugs, my symptoms are held in check (significant tremor on the right side),  except for my pointing finger which seems to have a mind of its own.  None of us can predict our futures because PD is such a designer disease but a couple of pieces of advice are:  (1) avoid stress and (2) exercise, exercise, exercise.  I try to exercise daily and I have found when I start out on my walk, my tremor is pronounced but after a half mile or so, it disappears.  That in itself is enough to convince me there is  a connection between PD progression and exercise.  There are numerous studies that suggest such a connection.

I found this site particularly useful when first diagnosed.  There are many long term victims who are doing relatively well, which eased my mind, and they can offer good advice on how to cope  It is not as bad as each one of us feared when diagnosed.  I wish you well.  Remain positive.  Que sera, sera.

Thankyou for the reply Silverkins,I have really only started to look into Parkinsons this week , Im lucky really as my left side is my weak side anyway, Ill take your advice and educate myself as best as I can. All the best.

Hello and thankyou for your reply, Im still getting to grips with the fact that I have it I think. I am of the mindset that this is just a change of direction, and possibly a bit more challenging in the future, thanks again BJS.

Hello wpgchap, and thankyou for your reply I will try and avoid stress, but it seems to come with the territory at the moment, the exercise is something that I know I need to up a lot at the moment, I havent done a lot since dx.

hello - you might be interested in listening to this plug for exercise in managing PD there's also a webinar on the topic 'going beyond dopamine' on October 30 - see the Michael J Fox Foundation website.

Hello my fellow parkinsonian,

ive just been reading your comments  on my post fainting fits / black outs....... firstly thank you for your comment..........and if theres anything i can help you with to do with parkinsons or any other parkinsons related question

croesawu i'r nuthouse o parkinsonia !!   ( thats welsh for Welcome to the nuthouse of parkinsonia ) lol

                                                     Hugh aka welshbearuk


 Hello Seanjoe and wellcome, you have come to the right place, the amount of support and usefull information available here ishugelynessical, and totally plumduffiness, you also have access to a large amount of sillyness as you can see, but cerealissly  Sean  I  promote humour as a way of circumnavigating the worst of BLACKHEARTS attacks, sometimes it works well, and I GET THROUGH THE DAY UNSCATHED, but recently its been giving me a bit of trouble but today I am fine, also you will notice just in the last  few posts you have kind folks from all over the world  just above me Welshbearuk,  a valuble and experienced  MEMBER from  er  well  WALES  ,then  Crump Island,,? not sure where that is, perhaps you could enlighten us Crump,,and higher still we  have  wpgchap from Canada,then there is Turnip from Australia, a very wise and clever man, J of Grey Cottage   from USA  a wise and worldly travelled Lady,then theres me,aahhh yes  me  well I LIVE  in Northumberland, I have the Duodopa system which is a huge help to me most days, but not every day, there thats me, so it just leaves me to wish you well sir in the years ahead if you have any worries  or fears visit us and  you will find answers.

                                                       Kindest Regards             FED