First visit to see Parkinson Nurse

I am attending a Parkinsons Clinic for the 1st unfortunately because I had a positive attitude initially when claiming PIP this has been used against me by the DWP. I need to know if I should be positive or negative with the Nurse? Any help would be appreciated.

Personally speaking, I would go for honesty. I am sorry about your poor DWP experience, I too have had my share of battles with benefits, but the Parkinson’s Nurse has a completely different role and I believe it should be a positive relationship if he/she is to give you the support you need. For me that has to be an open and honest relationship which you trust and which allows you to be both positive or negative (to use your words) according to what you need. Ultimately it needs to be your decision and what you are comfortable with. I hope you find your meeting with the PD nurse positive.

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If its any help, I agree with Tot be positive and honest with the parkinson’s nurse they are there to help you deal with your condition as best as you can unlike the dwp (bless them) sorry nearly swore there.
In fact your nurse can probably help you with the dwp and remember the next application for pip to describe every question as if it was on your worst of days with your condition and not how you feel on the day of your assessment.
You’ll get there Tommy, it just takes time and that you have plenty of.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:™

Thank you for your help TBH it’s what I would have done because I know deep down the PD nurse is there to help me

Having seen the PD Nurse I totally agree with the the advice given. Thank you again.

Good to hear you got on well and that the pearls of wisdom offered by us were helpful!

I found it difficult to get in touch with the parkinsons nurse, and eventually had a phone call, how can she diagnose on line?
I feel so,low, and have suicidal thoughts, so need help

Hello namibia, it was terrible to read how low and desperate you are feeling and I will say here and now I have neither the skills nor knowledge to advise you fully but I want you to know that I am in awe of your courage in deciding to write the post you have. It cannot have been easy but reaching out for help tells me that somewhere deep inside you are not ready to give up and although you may find it hard to believe right now I think the flicker of light that says life is still worth fighting for is still there, it’s just buried a bit deep at the moment. Please do seek help from a source far more able to help than I be it the help desk, your GP, or even an organisation like the Samaritans. I feel your question about the Parkinson’s Nurse is a separate issue which has got mixed up with your overall feelings at the moment and so I don’t feel it appropriate to comment just now. It has been difficult to know how to respond to your post as I don’t feel able to offer much but I hope you can believe that you are not alone here on the forum and I hope someone will come forward who perhaps can make more useful, practical comment. I hope this has helped in some small way. Please don’t give up, you can get through this phase but whilst the forum will always be there to support, I think you need more than we can perhaps give. I hope you will post again soon with news that your black hole is not quite so black. Take care, you will be in my thoughts