the heading of my post was supposed to say First Barrier, not first B, sorry guys.

Hi Beatrice,

I think your message is missing from your post - but do let us know if there's anything we can help with.

Take care,


Hi Joanne

I messed up with the heading for my topic so that may have confused things.

I was just having a moan really, as I wanted to start horse riding lessons, but because I have problems with my balance, the horse riding school don't think it is a good idea and also they don't think I would be covered on their insurance, so I was just a bit fed up as this is the first barrier I have come across since being diagnosed, so I had a bit of a moan on the forum.

Thank you for your message.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



There is riding for the disabled Beatrice I'm sure they have insurance and confident staff we have one in suffolk

That's a good idea.  We have a really good Riding for the Disabled in Somerset- my daughter used to help out there and i went along to watch one day. The riders varied from a severely disabled youngster with cerebral palsy who had 3 assistants - one leading the pony, and one walking each side supporting the riders legs, to other very confident riders practicing their jumping ready for a display. Certainly they seemed to cater for everybody, in individual or group sessions. If you do find a R for D near you Beatrice, and are interested, they always need volunteers to help out with lessons and in the stables.

Don't be put off doing what you want by somebody unhelpful, PD limits life enough without them !


Hi Sea Angler

Thank you for the information, I never thought about that, to be honest I never really thought about PD being classed as a disability.

I will have a look to see if there is anything local for me.


Kind Regards


Hi Supa

Thank you for the information, I will have a look to see what there is in my area, as I said to Sea Angler, I never thought about PD being classed as a disability, I know that may sound daft, but I didn't.

I like the sound of helping out too, so might give that a go.


Thanks again

Kind Regards