Flaky scalp



I have read somewhere that a symptom of PD is a flaky scalp,I have just started getting BIG flakes when i brush my hair,pardon my ignorance but is this condition dandruff or something more medical.

Any good remedies


try moisturiser


Hello Huggy

 It  is a problem with parky there is a shampoo you can buy if you go to a chemist and explain he will  advise it works well,  unfortunately I CANT REMEMBER WHAT ITS CALLED

                                              Kind Regards  Fed.H


Hi all,

FedEx suggests that there is a shampoo that works to lessen flakey scalp problems but he can't remember the name.

can anyone help here? I've tried Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo and T-Gel. 

Turnip recommends moisturising but I've tried several of these and still my sad little bald head is a bit of a mess.

keep happy,



i'm afraid my suggestion doesnt work for me either! help!


eye roll

        My Gran used to mix a raw egg with a cough mixture linctus and massage  it into th, e  skin, , it didnt work but no one noticed if you had dandruff , as no one would come within 100 yards , the smell was terrible.    However I have had  the aforementioned T/GEL  recommended so will try it it should work at   £8 a bottle i can try and find out that  shampoo I used before it was effective., I HAVE JUST THOUGHT  that  rubbish my gran used could be called shampooooo, get it, AHL GET ME COTEeek




i used to suffer from flaky sclap ! tried all the dear ones but boots anti-dandruff sensitive ,only need a little bit it really works !


Hi Huggy

flakey scalp seems to be a problem , I get the urge to scratch my head and sure enough a bit of brown skin comes of sometimes a hair comes of with it , ugh !!  Part of the condition am afraid hope you have plenty hair Huggy all the best take care