Flanking genes and Parkinson's

This is new. No one before me has pointed this out. It needs to be looked at by experts.

RPL7, RPL23, RPS27 and/or KRT pseudogenes flank (are located beside or very close to) almost all the major CNV that increase risk of schizopnrenia, and flank about 66% of Parkinson’s genes which carries with it about a 40% increased risk of psychosis, and flank genes which are causative of metabolic disorders where psychosis is a comorbidity e.g. Niemann-Pick disorder.

RPL7 and RPL23 flank EGLN3, whilst in effect KRT9 and TPM1/RPS27 are top disregulated genes in EGLN3 silencing. Since they are both flanking genes and the top targets, this indicates it is the relationship to EGLN3 HIF prolyly hyrdoxylase function that is of significance in this pattern of genes.

Also, EGLN3 flanks the schizopnrenia gene NPAS3, whilst EGLN1 flanks the schizophrenia gene DISC1. Again, no one before me pointed out this connection between these two schizopnrenia genes and two EGLN genes.

Who can rule this in or out as being of significance, since on the face of it you may expect it to be very significant to both Parkinson’s disease psychosis and schizophrenia.