Flashing lights

Has anyone else experienced flashing lights at night time? If you imagine laying in bed with your eyes closed and a flash of lightning happens , you can see this even though your eyes closed . This keeps happening to me but only at night time , when I open my eyes , the flashing continues intermittently , but I can only see it out of the corner of my eye . This has only happened since my medication was changed and I am guessing that is the reason 


Hi moonandstars - Yep I have the same thing happen quite regularly, but I am at a loss as to know what t is, whether it happens during the daylight but is more visable when it becomes dark I don't know. I have always been on Ropinirole since being DX with PD and can't honestly say when I started having the flashes. If anyone has any idea on the forum what these flashes are caused by it would be nice to hear from them.

Regards Sheffy

Hello moonandstars,

I've had this symptom for a couple of years but never put it down to PD. It is only occasional (Maybe a couple of times a week, if that). It invariably occurs just after we put the light out and in bed. I've always put it down to some normal brain function as one might get when seeing a light bulb in the dark after staring at it before switching the light off. Interesting!