Flooring - suggestions & help

Hi all, we have carpet through most of our bungalow, and slate floors in the kitchen and utility. My husband is very frustrated that in public areas - supermarkets, the hospital etc - he can walk pretty easily, but at home he shuffles desperately. He’s careful to purchase slippers that aren’t super grippy, so they don’t ‘catch’ on the carpet. We’re wondering if a change to a hard surface, e.g. wood finish flooring would help matters. Anyone with experience/suggestions?

My dad has just passed away due to Parkinson’s complications. My dad was living and sleeping in the lounge where we had carpet as it was softer if he fell. In the hall and dining room we had laminate put in and vinyl in the kitchen. The laminate was easier for the wheelchair as I liked to give him his meals in the dining room so he had a change of a room. My dad was so unsteady I tended to transfer him to his wheelchair to move him from room to room. We used the wheel chair for appointments and trips out as my dad couldn’t manage without it .My dad had some therminsulate slippers which had a smooth sole which moved easily on the carpets. I tried deck shoes but they tended to stick to the carpet. From my experience everything is trial and error and what works once might not work another time,
I wish you well with your journey. regards. Lottie

Hi Lottie,

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you were doing your absolute best for your dad.
Thank you for your response, it’s all useful.

Hi Vicky

Thank you for your kind words. For us my dad was only diagnosed aged 83 after a fall which he ended up in hospital. It was a relief that he was in hospital because I thought someone would pick it up. My dad had hand tremors for years but never got sent to a consultant and the last couple of years he was refusing to go to his GP even for flu jab. We tried my dad on madopar but he couldn’t cope with side effects and I was his main carer and he was difficult to manage. After a discussion with his Consultant we left the Parkinson’s meds out. Regards Paula

Hugs xxx