Flu injections

ive had the injection for the last 4 years now,last year i got swine flu and was very poorly ,makes me wonder if it actually is workin ,im worried not to have it this year,but also worried to have it:rolling_eyes:wot is ur opions on the injection ?:smile:
hi Ali
swine flu is a different virus and wouldn't be stopped by a normal flu jab, also immunisation is not 100%, but still worth it as a bet.
ps check with your doctor - you may still be immunised from last time.
Hi Turnip & Ali
the vaccination only lasts a year so you would need another one. They do recommend that anyone with neurological health issues should be immunised so I say better safe than sorry. I got 2 injections last year one for 'ordinary' flu and one for swine flu and I intend to get the same this year.
have the jab ali. i also had swine flu, got by with a thermos of gin and 3 quilts.
they are not connected.

roll on winter.
I DON'T want Flu . My jab is due on the 29th cannot wait to have..
I have been having them since I became eligible .. Don't want to tempt fate , but ,I haven't had it since .
I have had it every year since I became eligible and have never had any ill effects from the jab, nor have I had flu. I already have my appointment for this year's jab. If I could have the swine flu one as well I would have it.

I wouldn't turn it down if I were you.
Hi Folks
Flu vaccinations as a nurse who dishes flu vacc's out every year I will tell you that it is worth getting one, every one who has a flu vacc builds up immunity to the virus for that year unfortunately the little B***er keeps changing so you need to keep getting vaccinated the vaccine is changed yearly to combat the virus that is going to infect this country, and this means every year you should have one you should also have been given 1 pneumonia vaccine that should last you a life time unless you have an immune problem or have had your spleen removed then your GP will recommend boosters for you. By the way you can not get flu from the flu vaccine so if you have been unwell I.E a temperature it is your body working taking up the flu vaccine. Swine flu, you will find that the flu vaccine has properties in the vaccine to combat the swine flu virus so you get a 2 in 1 job so don't be shy get your vaccine they usually start in october but check with your GP and do not be told you are not eligible because you are for both flu and pneumonia vaccines , flu every year and pneumonia 1 in a life time. Hope every one gets the message GET YOUR FLU VACCINE EVERY YEAR:grin: