Flu Jab

My boss has offered me a flu jab but I am not sure. Has anyone else had one? will it make me ill or interfere with my meds?
I have one every year as am asthmatic. No problems just a sore arm for a day or two. I'm not on meds though so can't comment on that
I have had one every year for the past three years.
No problems at all.
I have had a flu jab each autumn for the past several years. I have had no overt side effects except for a slightly sore arm. I sometimes think that my PD symptoms worsen a bit for a week or so afterwards, but that may just be a coincidence.
I caught a flu-like cold a few years ago, and that caused me terrible problems. So, I am anxious to avoid the flu or exposing my wife to it, since I would suffer considerably if she caught it from me and wasn't able to help me.
we have both had the flu jab since it first started .. I don't want to tempt fate but I must say I havent had flu since and neither of us any ill affects from it ..
my personal opinion is that people with pd often get very bad cases of flu and colds, including secondary infections, particularly in the lungs, and if you can avoid it it makes sense. I have had flue jabs every year since diagnosis, and an extra for bird flu, and have had no side effects.
I've had the Flu Jab every year since dx and the Swine Flu one aswell a few years ago and like others have never suffered side effects from it, just a slightly sore arm.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate your replies. I will go ahead and have it Gulp. (hate injections)
Hi Caroline, I have the flu jab every year, I have never had any problems with it. Better to have it than catch the flu....

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I have had a jab at gp for last three years as I am considered at risk (why ?)

Some of the jabs contain mercury which may not be the best element to have inside you if you have pd

I have the flu jab every year- it works for me! As for the injection itself..I didnt feel a thing! RESULT!
For seasonal flu vaccine (eg not swine flu):

Thiomersal is not an added component of the seasonal flu vaccine however it is used in the manufacturing process therefore trace amounts (<0.5 µg per dose) than may remain in the vaccine after manufacture.

thats less than one part per 2 million. its also ethel-mercury which is not harmful to human health and is metabolised and removed from the body unlike methyl-mercury, which is harmful to health as it builds up in the body. Methyl-mercury is not contained in any vaccines.

PWP have impaired immune systems and are likely to get secondary infections.
I have had the flu jab offered to me by my surgery for the last few years. Today when I picked up my prescriptions , I noticed a poster to book an appointment for this years flu jab , but when I tried to book , I was told that I am no longer eligible because having PD no longer qualifies !. So having a chronic Neurological disease is not thought to be serious any more, what else is this government trying to strip us of ?.Has anyone else been told the same.:question:
its great news that pd isnt serious anymore! (sarcasm warning)
i ended up going to asda last year! costs a bit but no queues.
I also requested flu jab,to be told PD was no longer on the list. What exactly are we entitled too,in our fight to keep on top of this condition.Angel4u
Its also wise to get a jab for Pneumonia as PWP are more likely to get chest infections, a good GP will recommend this.
Had both last year but only needed Flu jab this year.
Its worth boosting the immune system at this time of the year to, I use Propolis tablets.

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For the last few years I have received a letter from doctors inviting me for flu jab which I have had with no side effects.This year however haven't got one unsure now if because changed doctors or said in previous posts parkinsons isn't on the list anymore?
Ive just had flu jab as a im over 65 and b im a carer in a rest home chris
I've never had a letter from my GP to go for a flu jab but I have had it every year since being diagnosed, I phoned this morning and asked for me and my daughter (she's asthmatic) to have ours and the receptionist asked if we were asthmatic, had heart problems or diabetes, I said I had PD and she said yes that still qualifies, so we've just been and had them. Looks like it's down to your GP or maybe where you live as to whether or not it's given out.
Following on from my post in September 2011 when I was refused the Flu jab by the receptionist and a GP (not my GP), I should have reported that when I next visited my own GP in January 2012 , she immediately said 'you have not had the Flu jab'and promptly gave me one. I said that I had been told I was not entitled to it, and she said that everyone with PD is entitled to it.So make sure that you get your Flu jab asap this year.:exclamation: