Flu jab

Hi ya

I've been feeling a bit run down of late, at present my eyes are sore and dry and i feel quite fatigued the majority of time.Anyway through the post this morning a letter arrived through the doctors offering me the 'flu jab' because of 'current status' it was termed either by appointment or a open clinic on october 1st.

I think i will take the offer up of one as flu in the past has knocked me seriously down in the past if i'd had it. and it will be beneficial too me.

Just wondering have you had the same offer and has it been beneficial too You?.

Both you and a carer, your spouse or partner, are entitled to a free flu jab because of your Parkinsons.


 We were not contacted with the offer via our   surgery but I researched and found that we were both eligable.

Hi Sea angler

I was offered a  flu jab last year due to  having parkinsons and it was very beneficial i   did not suffer with even a sniffle  from when i had the  flu jab last October , i have not had this years yet , but i have a really awful head cold and sore throat at the moment , i am waiting for my gp to start this years jab but typical i get a bad cold just before the flu jabs come out frown


Thank you Benji and Shelly, hope that cold clear's up soon whilst we still have some summer sun.

Thank you sea angler