Flu jab!

it says in this months pd magizine that were entitled to the flu jab also any one who is main carer for someone.i was told by my gp surgery this year i was not entitled for it ! SO AM I OR NOT !

Hi Gus 

 You are definitely entitled to a flu jab if you go to nhs choices it tells you on their who's entitled and people with Parkinson's are 

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My gp surgery wrote too me telling me i was entitled and  invited me too attend a flu jab open day, your local surgery should have a website with details on there.

its really strange because my old two yrs ago gave me the flu jab,when i asked last yr the women who says you can have jab said no i was no longer on the list so i paid for it,told my new gp & she said i could have it,so this yr told the gp women who says yeh or na my gp said yes so she looked on the list and said no again,now i have a bit of amo i will ask again !

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Hi Gus,

I have been given the flu jab free for many years , only to be told a couple of years ago that I was not entitled to it by the receptionist at the surgery. When I saw my Gp a couple of weeks later she asked why I had not had the jab, then said I was entitled and immediately gave me the jab.So it might be worth checking with your own Gp. 

Hi gus google NHS choices who should have the flu jab . It clearly states that anyone with a chronic neurological condition such as Parkinson's is entitled to it free of charge . Don't let anyone tell you otherwise . 

angelyeh thanks guys & girls printed bit of pd mag also printed out nhs choices page ,thats the same as me angel,but i have not seen gp & did not want to bother her ,so going to have it done at local chemist this yr for free and then going to take all paperwork to gp receptionist & put a rocket up her --- ,fed your going to have to speak english, im a wee man from the south of england ! cheers all

i wonder if pduk have to say ! have they got to offer flu jab for free or not.

Hi there,

Gus - I'm sure you are entitled to a free 'flu jab and I also think that your carer is too.

My GP is very eager for patients over 60 or with a chronic illness to have the jab.  I suppose it helps them in the longrun so hopefully, less of their patients will get ill during the winter.

They also offer a jab to keep people from getting pneumonea and other chest problems and it covers you for two years.

I wonder why some doctors and nurses are able to give these jabs without any pain at all but others make you hit the ceiling!

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Morning gus

The information in The Parkinson and on our website is correct. People with Parkinson's should have access to a free flu jab. This is also stated clearly on the the NHS website.

I hope that helps


thank you ezinda, thanks casie

Hello Gus

My GP - who I regard as utterly hopeless, but a nice bloke - says it's free. So it probably isn't.

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I asked the receptionist at my surgery and she said my record has a blue flag on it so was entitled to a free flu jab, just had to attend the flu-jab clinic later on in the week.

Just out of interest, why was my post to Gus been removed?



Sorry, just realised it hasn't been - another symptom? urrrgggghhh!!!

Sorry again

I have a free flu jab to

took paperwork from pd mag & printed nhs choices down to gp receptionist she agreed with me & said she will give it to women in charge of flu jab & give me ring watch this spot !

cheers lloyd & 65

overturned decision can you believe that ! im having the jab this friday !