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Had my annual flu jab last week, but just read an article about how it contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water! Seeing as the toxicity of mercury has been linked to one of the causes of Parkinson's, I'm wondering if it's something to be avoided in the future? Certainly don't like the idea of all that mercury being pumped into my system! What do others think?



Hi Twinks don't like the idea of that either, GP has being pestering me to have one seeing as I have PD he says. Now I know about the percentage of mercury I'll still refuse to accept his offer, retired now so not mingling with so many people. Thanks for sharing this with us all

Sheila x


There's also an association of Copper found at higher rates within Alzheimer's sufferer's Brains, Copper retention is also found in Wilsons disease when copper can't be processed out of the body/brain, but Copper occurs naturally in out water, along with Zinc and other metals, in our food in plants, Mercury is found within fish along with lead, our world is full of toxicity.

But i do know one thing, I still have PD and since having a flu jab I haven't had flu or a cold.

Had for 9yrs best thing i ever had

Hi all,

I asked our research team about this as I hadn't heard about mercury in vaccines before, and they pointed to the NHS webpage about vaccine ingredients.

Whilst they mention thiomersal (a preservative that contains a small amount of mercury) can be included in vaccines they state no harmful effects have been linked with the level of thiomersal used in the small amounts present in vaccines, and The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is no risk from thiomersal in vaccines. 

Hope this info is useful if anyone is concerned about the flu vaccine. 

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My Mother used to say.... Kids get colds, Men get flu,Women get on with it.


And the Indians got blankets from the yanks eh !! Make up your own mind 


Due to have our jabs in he morning, not so sure now thanks for the information 

Flu can kill


Hey Jacko - completely agree with that. Very good!

Sheila - think i'll loose a few friends now.......


And Gus - I agree with you also, in some cases it can be lethal so the flu jab is not to be misjudged - Sheila 

Where does flu start and when and why ??

                                    THINK ABOUT IT  !! 

I think it's October when it starts to get cold and people put central heating on this when people with illnesses are more venerable and the flu becomes more easily spread also people's emune systems are lower .and in winter more people catch colds i could go on and on.


Just been and had mine at a local health screening Blitz afternoon no mention of mercury with the paperwork, the dose and the size of the syringe is actually tiny i spent more time waiting to go in than the actual 'jab'.

It is true We are at our most vulnerable over winter I have had flu in my youth I would rather not go through that experience again if i can avoid it.

hi !

 have had flu jab annually for 8 years now. In that time I have had one bad cold -Dec '12 and no side effects.

This year I had jab on 10/10 and froze up on 12th, with brief (30 min in 3 hours) periods of activity. Same pattern so far today.

Does this sounds familiar ?  How long did it last for  you ?


Take Care





I understand Mercury to be an "ingrediant" in the preservative used for multi phial flu jabs.  The preservative is called Thimerosal.  worth checking as  wont say contains mercury.  Ask Doctor what preservative if any is in your jab, then weigh up the pros and cons as mercury neuro toxic.  maybe you can get single phial ones , without mercury , again just ask your doctor.  


just received a letter to go in for one (not  sure why so late) 

but on the vaccine content I see this - no thiomersal content in uk