Fludrocortisone and Covid vaccine

My father has been in hospital for 10 weeks following a fall and fracture of his hip.His mobility is poor since his operation and he also is very confused with periods of agitation and delusions.
He is 84 and I keep asking when will he receive his Covid vaccine .
However I have now been told that he has not received his vaccine because he is taking fludrocortisone which was prescribed for him prior to his fall to improve his dizzy ness.
How will he be protected from Covid now?
I am planning to discusss with Parkinson’s nurse tomorrow.
Have anybody else been in this situation

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Hi @Lindam
Your question raised a concern for me since my husband takes Fludrocortisone. It is difficult to know who to ask who will know the score but some research on it led me to the Addison’s disease website, which says the following:-

Fludrocortisone : some members have got to in touch concerned having read online that you should not have vaccinations if taking fludrocortisone. Our medics have confirmed these rumours are incorrect. When taking fludrocortisone as replacement therapy for Addison’s or any form of adrenal insufficiency you should still receive vaccinations when offered by your healthcare professionals.”

I will double check with the person who gives my husband the vaccine though am not entirely confident that they will be up to speed with contraindications for all the drugs that anyone might be on.

Thank you.
They have discontinued his medication to see if he really needs it or not.
His was a low dose of fludrocortisone.
He has had his vaccine now.I hadn’t realised that there were other factors involved also with the vaccine in that he dad had initially not been too well and was having treatment for other infections.