Flying and pd

can you tell me does flying havin pd make a huge difference to your selfs,me bruv lives in spain ,and i not been over since 2005 now,im 42 been dx for 11 years,when i went last time i made sure i hade the seats with plenty leg room cus me legs would throb other wise,but now im sure if i sat down for 2 hours and not get up,i wont get up:laughing:,the other thing i have a supa pubic catherter in me,and i was told it not ideal to fly with one fitted cus of pressure,im not sure how true this is,does anyone else no at all?,if not it leaves me to go over on the ferry,which will take lot longer,and tum not good on the sea:fearful:i wont to go over and visit him in january ,he has to keep comin over to me,which is a nucience really for him,i could do with long break couple weeks in spain ,see some sites etc ,nice:smile:
Flying should no problem wearing a catheter and normal scheduled jet flights to Europe are all pressurised at 10,000 ft, ask to be seated in an aisle seat near the toilet.

When going through security declare you are wearing a catheter, if they choose to search you they will then direct you to a quiet room to save potential embarrassment.

Also when making your booking with the airline always best telling them you have PD (they might ask for GP letter to prove you are ok to travel) and any special needs you may have ie wheelchair out to aircraft, be sure to book this for return journey as well.

Radz x
Hi Ali

Nowadays the seats with extra legroom tend to be by the emergency exits or over the wings, therefore the staff always make sure that the people sitting in those seats are physically fit enough to be able - in an emergency - to undo the airplane's doors and throw them outside, possibly in the dark.

Also, if necessary, to hold back a pushing crowd of passengers until the inflatable chutes and life rafts are safely deployed. There's no point in being able to jump free of the plane if you end up in a sea full of sharks!

Some airlines sometimes offer a little extra legroom in seats designated "Super Economy" or somesuch; otherwise it may be necessary to fly Business or First Class.
ROS you are so right about the extra leg room and emergency exits. Only able bodied folk get to sit at these exits.

Radz x
Hi ali

Wont confess it is easy but myself and o/h fly to Spain about every 2 months.

Others are correct extra leg room is available but you do have to pay extra the best seats on budget airlines are the front row and near the loo.

We always request assistance when booking and apart from a nightmare at heathrow have had very little problems.

O/H has letter from Gp explaining why he has needles , lots of vials of medication, etc he carries it all in hand luggage and always bleeps when he goes through the scanner cus of his pump.

It isn't easy but certainly worth it also on two occasions he has needed health care as an inpatient in Spain and it has been ok just ensure you have a EU health card which is free to apply for online.

The warmer weather is the best medication give it a go Ali.

Which part of Spain does your brother live ?

Hi Ali,

Do as others have suggested, book extra leg room seat(usuallly by loo's) have doc's letter ready at hand. Ask for pre-assistance ie buggy to take you to departure lounge as some are a horredous walk. Have med's in your hand luggage and additional supply in hold luggage, E1 11 card etc.... Go forth and enjoy!!!!

P.S.....remember your new year resolution? get out, suffer the inconvenience/embarrassement:fearful: coz the aim if worth it.:smile:

Enjoy your time with your brother :grin:

Happy Christmas to you

Diane xxxx
I travel annually to Australia. Can't get extra legroom for reasons Ray stated but always book an aisle seat near the loo which means I can get up for a stretch (and a regular pee, not having a catheter!) or just stretch my legs out when noone is in the way. Airlines are very helpful provided they are prewarned. I recommend one of those horseshoe shaped neck cushions to get comfy with.

Have fun!
well im so happy people have responded to this thread cus it was worrin me,and i really wont to go,so thankyou to all of you for the info u have givern me,looks like spain here i come then x:wink:
Any room for a stowaway?

I'm only little(-ish)

i really really need a break,and really wont to see me bruv,but it not look like it goin to happin ,ive since spoke to neuro,today and other consultant im under /gp and it not adviserable for me to go at mo,heal th reasons,so it looks like i gotta wait till the caravan site opens in march and go up to wales for a bit,least it a break for now,till i beter.and chris me bruv says he will come over to england to see me in middle of feb for a week ,he got busness over here at same upset bout it all,and never new it would cause me such a prob ,but hey thats life i guess.:rolling_eyes:
Unlucky, Ali. Still, not too long to wait.