Hi Has anyone experience of flying UK to Dubai and on to Australia?  We have been told to stop one pill on the main day of flying and carry on as usual.  I'm wondering how peoplel felt, coped with jet lag, any hints tips that can be given would be much appreciated.



I have done a couple of long flights since Dx.  What i tend to do is rest as much as I can during the flight, sleeping if possible.  Whatever your medication regime is, I would time it to ensure that your meds are given time to kick in before the flight lands so that you are 'on' .  I would also make sure you book airport assistance, you may or may not need it, but it's much easier to cancel if not needed, than to arrange last minute if you do.  Hope you have a lovely time....sounds amazing x  

Hi Pippa,

That sounds like a great trip - hope you have a fantastic time! It sounds like you've spoken to your Nurse/GP/specialist about this already? If not we'd always advise this so they can help you work out the best way to take medication when crossing time zones - keeping well hydrated on the flight can help too. And as Ali suggests arranging airport assistance can be helpful. This page on our website has some more tips about travelling and holidays:

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Joanne - Digital team.