Hubby slips to the right hand side when sitting so I am looking for some sort of support that may help. He has a new chair we thought would help but not enough support. I have in my minds eye of a firm type cushion but cant find anything like that.

Anyone had similar problem to solve??




Hi Sheila,
Just thought I’d pop in and say there’s a cushion in the Parkinson’s UK online shop that may be suitable for your husband. You can take a look here:
I’m sure others will also be along with their suggestions soon.

Best wishes,
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Hi Edwina

Only problem is there is no photo of said cushion only lady carrying it in a bag.



Hello don’t know if this helps. If you have internet type Harley comfort ease cushion in the search for more images.


Hello Tot

Thanks anyway but looking for something that helps him from slipping over to right side not for under bottom



Sorry just picked up on the ref mentioned. The simplest solution would be some kind of wedge cushion but I would suggest you consider getting a full assessment, it is actually quite a complex problem and not uncommon, the solution can differ according to the root cause. An assessment would also give the best way to get a solution that will last. The DLF is a good source of neutral information on products they also have information and fact sheets which may help you if you want to find out more and/or don’t want to take the assessment route - if you have a decent shop nearby they can be a useful source for info and advice but you want a shop that wants to help and not the hard sell so be alert and don’t be rushed into a decision. Hope this helps a bit more.


Hello, sorry but whats DLF?, Being a bit dense maybe!?


Sorry didn’t think it’s The Disabled Living Foundation


Hi looks eBay, There is a foam cushion especially for etween the knees, it is shaped memory foam.and is grooved, sounds just right! Good luck. H.