Focused ultrasound

Hi has anyone looked at focused ultrasound for helping tremor dominant parkinsons

NOT aware of it being used for PARKINSONS but more for essential tremor,but things may have moved on since then??

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Hi i have been reading about fus and tremor it seems fus is only available for essential tremor not typical parkinsons resting tremor so looks like a dead end for me

Here’s a recent study on ultrasound therapy:

Hi all ive seen my consultant and he wants to put me forward for fus in london anyone know which hospital does focused ultrasound

My belief is you have to go abroad to get Focused ultrasound for PD. Dundee University bought the kit but can only use it for Essential Tremor. Please let us know if you find out where, cost, etc.

Hi dave you don’t need to go abroad to get focused ultrasound their’s a hospital in Kensington that does it for parkinson’s resting tremor it has come a long way in the last couple of years some well known professor does it according to my consultant