Follow up care from GP

Since his diagnosis my dad has received no support from his GP in adjusting to the symptoms of his illness. Can anyone advise what steps should have been taken after the GP received confirmation?  Should Dad be seeing a specialist nurse or counsellor to deal with the impact this is having on him?  Could my Mum access counselling for the anger she has?  I'm getting nowhere with the surgery because they won't speak to me about Dads case due to patient confidentiality (which I fully understand) but all I want is some guidance on getting help for both of them. 

Any help or advice would be gratefully received. 

If your parents do not want the GP to speak to you then the GP is right to cite Patient Confidentiality but if your parents would be glad if you could speak to the GP about them they only have to write a letter to that effect.  The GP will keep it on file and be able to talk to you.  My OH did that so I should just to talk to your parents about what they want and go from there.

Best wishes Hattie



I  haven't had much involvement with the GP since my diagnosis, the Gp acted as a middle man so too speak tween me and neuro or PD nurse when they built  up my current dose but that's it since the start of the year.

Your dad's neuro could and should of referred him too his local PD nurse.I'm not sure if there is any other avenue of being referred other than by the Neuro, it seems gaining appointments with them can be difficult, but you could try getting hold of the Neuro's secretary if they ever answer the Phone.

Your local Gp practice should have a mental health worker attached too it, which will lead on too the well being service, which is usually in the first instance a telephone discussion too discuss their need's. I suppose the best way too move things along would be requesting a home visit from your Gp in your own environment if you cant get anywhere in theirs.

I suppose you could also use the Parkinsons help line who should put you in contact with the parkinsons support worker.