Food and freezing

Every time I eat I seem to freeze more after anyone else felt that way? 

Could the timing of your medication play a role here? Heavy (high calories) meals/large meals, high protein meals? I find  fish and chips takes hours to clear the stomach. Not eating might be the solution, a bit drastic.....but instead of a "meal" changing to several snack size portions spread over the course of the day would help? 

Yes there is a pattern there as I do feel better at work but when I think about it I don't eat as much at work as I do at home , will try to pace food intake from now on its just that my work is physical and eating like a horse at night this will have to change . 

Thankyou for your help 

Ian xx

Hi Ian, 

This page may be useful, it has a link to a information booklet on diet and Parkinson's.