Food Traffic Jam

How to prevent 'FOOD TRAFFIC JAM' ~ this last year my Parkinson's medication's not been working too well. I know over time, Levadopa can become less effective, making Parkinson's symptoms unpredictable, so I am looking at ways of making Levadopa more effective. I've noticed digestion plays a large role. PD slows down digestion, so it makes sense to look at how food is digested? Checkout this article...

After seeing my Neurologist I'm to stop Omeprazole and introduce Domperidone. Domperidone is a unique gastrokinetic and antimetic drug and because of its favourable safety profile, my Neurologist thought it would help kick my rather sluggish gut into action. I asked if he would refer me to be tested for gastroparesis and he said he would like me to try Domperidone first. Well, I've not introduced Domperidone yet because I wasn't prepared to wait two hours for the prescription to be dispensed at the hospital pharmacy and the prescription cannot be used elsewhere (how crazy is that?!!) So I’m waiting for my repeat prescription to be upadated. If all goes to plan, I will start Domperidone on August 5th.

Meanwhile, I’ve made some changes to my diet and the way I eat. I made these changes after reading this article

Since doing so I am no longer constipated and experiencing no off dystonia. My overall day is a lot smoother. Therefore, I’m going to see how I go over the next few weeks and I will keep you informed.
i think you have really got something there. i was moving in that direction myself just by the effects different foods have on medication. if your digestive system empties faster there is a bigger window for ldopa absorption. it was also interesting to see it say there were different enzymes for different proteins. i have been asking for some time which enzymes in particular are in competition with ldopa. my guess is those in dairy (particularly milk) and red meat.

i shall be studying these recommendations thoroughly. thanks again.