Hi all,just asking you how ur body reacts to food,I'm finding that when I'm Hungary my condition gets far worse then after I've eaten it calms down again I'm finding this is happening more &more,it's really weird,this happens mainly at tea time in the evening and not at lunch time,I'm wondering if it's my drug waring off but I'm on requip xl 16mg's and it's suppose to last all day,I'm also on anzlect 1 mg I've had p diddy 3yrs now and I'm 48,let me know how u get with food if u wish,all the best k :---))
I have noticed that my husband seems to be worse until he has something to eat as well
yes, me too

not everyday but if i feel particularly c---p during the day, I eat some Ryvita and feel better almost straight away.

hi ya kev,i understand wot your saying bout food,i experince simular symtoms,i feel bit beter once food in me system.our diet is very important when having pd as im sure you no,eating wholemeal bread ,pleanty of vegs,fruit,and fibre,will all help.i see a dietean once amonth bout the digestive system and swollowing problems,she has mentioned in the passed about how feel when had food with meds,or food with out meds,have meds much later.its getting a balance for yourself really,we all are different arnt we.being refered to a dietian was a good move for me,ive learned so much more about myself and body,pd.:smile:
Hello, Kev --
Just one more voice to say yes, I share this trait regarding food. In fact, late afternoon, when my energy is dropping, is almost the only time (other than when the weather is really cold) that my tremor is strong.
Hi. I completely agree about the need for food. It seems that when the energy level slumps, the symptoms worsen. I'm not on meds yet, so what I do is eat a plate of broad (fava) beans around 6pm. This normally does the trick. They appear to boost my brain function. Luckily I love them!