I have for some time been searching the internet (wikipedia!) for food items which the scientific literature describes as neuro protective and otherwise beneficial for keeping the nerve system as healthy as possible. I have been looking for items that can be used in every day food dishes or on their own. I have not looked for synthetically or artificially manufactured medication. So far I found 13 such items: Broad beans (fava beans), cinnamon, Coffee and Tea (caffeine), curcumime (turmeric), green tea, hops, lavender, liquorice root, velvet bean (mucuna pruriens), rosemary, sage, and tomatoes. I have researched nearly 100 other such items, but none of them seem to have the particular traits I have been looking for. They may be good healthy food items in other ways, but not necessarily especially beneficial for the nerve system. Do any forum contributors know of any additional items that could be added to the list?



Hi Knud,

You have found all the ones that I found.....can't think of any more.

Perhaps make a list next, of foods to avoid, like certain cheeses and processed meats, such as salamis.

Milled (or ground) flax seeds- good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for healthy nerve functioning among other benefits.

Yes and Chia seeds are a good laxative and have all round benefits for health.