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Just checking if anyone has info about foot care in PD. My husband has a recent diagnosis and we’re still working out what help and support is available. He has a Neuro physiotherapist which is great for his mobility but he needs help with general foot care… toenails and hard skin.

Hi Ladybird52,
Sorry to hear about your husband’s recent diagnosis. I’m sure other members will offer their advice on your question. However, I just wanted to mention that there’s some really useful general support information on our website, including foot care. There’s also a .pdf that you can download or order: Hope this helps.

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I see a chiropodist once a month, because I have a problem with corns which can make every step I take painful. The corns have been formed because of a combination of changes in the shape of my foot caused by a break – the fall was probably caused by my PD – and the alteration in gait caused by my PD.

I pay privately. I pay £25 a session, so it is £300 a year, not a small sum. I was refused chiropody on the NHS because my condition is not bad enough (I’m still trying to work out what is worse than not being able to walk), but it is worth asking your GP for a referral to your local podiatry department; you might be luckier than I was.

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Same problem - have corns, bunions, hard skin and toe nails just get thick rather than long. Even if I could bend far enough to reach my toes, I couldn’t cut them.

As far as help goes - I have given up trying. Now spend £28 every five weeks on chiropody and £48 per week on physiotherapy to make sure I can keep walking. NHS doesn’t want to know - Was referred for physiotherapy when first diagnosed to help ease the stiffness but still waiting for an appointment - that was in 2004 and staffing problems since then so no sign of any help.

Parkinsons is a money pit with very little help available - most benefits are means tested so if you have looked after your finances over the years, you are on your own.

Sorry to be negative, but unfortunately Parkinsons patients are very much out in the cold. GP surgeries just cant afford us.

Hi, everybody,

I find it incredible that as Parkinson’s sufferers you do not get assistance from Podiatry on NHS.
I am not sure if its an age thing or its where you live or whether you have any other ailments but I have had the use of a Podiatrist on the NHS for at least the past 6 years.
I am now 72, live on Teesside, and as well as PD I have Arthritis and I`m Diabetic amongst other minor things.
Your feet are so important to anyone how has PD it is nonsensical to have to pay.
I hope my little rant is of some help and you do find assistance

Best wishes

Thank you for your input… I’ll have a look at this info.

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