Foot Cramp

Morning All

I wonder if anyone else has suffered this since dx.

I get cramp in my big toe and second toe on my bad side. It usually happens if i'm walking just before or after ive taken medication. I never used to get cramp and its just started in the last week. Has anyone experienced this, and any recommendation's of how to stop it happening? I've started to drink plenty of water and im doing regular physio for my core strength.

I'm on Madapor 4 times a day, if that helps?

So am i missing something?

Thanks Zoe
This may be the beginning of dystonia (which just means cramps) The toes on my left foot are more or less permanently curled over, i can straighten them after massage or soaking in hot water, but as soon as I walk they go again. I am just beginning bto get the sort of pain in my right foot which means it is going the same way. There seems to be very little you can do. An increase in meds might help for a while unless it causes different problems. Because of the variety of responses to drugs with pwps it is possible that your meds are causing it, worth talking to your pd nurse or neuro.
Good luck

I get cramp in my feet every now and then. If I am crouched down, for example getting something off a low shelf, that tends to trigger it and I find pressing my foot flat on the ground tends to help ease it off.

Could it your shoes causing the problem?

Taking calcium can help, I find.It's excruciating!
As a result of my toes curling I have developed a callous on one of the toes of my left foot, even though it is my right foot that is more badly affected. This makes walking somewhat painful. I have tried attacking it with a scalpel but without much success. I think I will have to see the podiatrist.
I believe a combination of calcium and magnesium is good for foot cramps - you could google and check this out. My foot and calf cramps started up just before diagnosis so its no doubt PD related There is a foot exercise which has helped me. The basic movement is curling your toes over which of course is liable to bring on the cramp. Therefore you do it with a small hardish ball or tennis ball or I have one of those knobbly massage balls. I roll my foot right back and forth over it so that the toes durl over it as your foot goes back and I do it standing up so my weight is adding to the pressure. I do it about 20 times each foot roughly daily.

Hope this helps.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but just diagnosed and this is my biggest problem at the moment. I keep reading to do more exercise if newly diagnosed but I’ve stopped my daily long walk due to a mile or two in my left foot starts cramping making walking near impossible. Not on meds, just wondered if anyone has found calcium and magnesium helps with this?