Foot & leg cramps

Hi just wanting some advice and wheather this is the right place for it to be i dont know but someone will correct me.3 years ago i was dx with pd treatment for a year then 1 year later un dx with pd after a second right leg is stiff.
lately i have been getting foot & calf cramps in right side and when im tired my right leg tires and kicks the ground has my o/h would describe and ive noticed when this happens my toes seem to be like someone pulling them upwards and unable to flat out and so making walking difficult and with a limp.also have pins & needles in right hand mainly the fingers and foot.
the question im asking should i go back to the gp and say about all these probelm and mobility and are these symtoms of pd .would be very grateful for any comments. i also have been dx with mild coginitive impairment last few months.
Hello Janine. You are definitely in the right place.
The symptoms you describe, especially the toe curling do sound to me very much like those of pd, but could of course be due to something quite different. I would suggest that you do indeed consult your GP, and tell him/her of all that you are experiencing.
What sort of scan (if you don't mind me asking) resulted in you being undiagnosed as having pd?

With best wishes
I would certainly go back to your GP It can take a long time to get a proper diagnosis. The neuro first told me she didn't think I had PD but I could go back to see her if anything changed and it was when my toes cramped up that they began to take my other moans more seriously.
thankyou AB & mosie,it was a dat scan and neurologist confirmed 1st scan and he was almost certain in the early stages and the 2nd second was recomended by another consultant but was done by the same consuktant who did the 2nd a year later un dx pd,so i dont give out much hope of him listening to me.
Hi janine I get cramps in calf and feet quite alot along with pain everywhere took me best part of an hour to get out of bed but been aching all day.but it makes you feel useless.t
hi janine, certainly sounds like some symptoms of pd like the toes mine curl upwards, and the cramps you experiance could be dystonias, dont understand how you can be undiagnosed are you sure the consultant knows what he is doing i would ask for a referral to another consultant i dont know where you live but if your not far from newcastle there is a brilliant neurologist called prof david burn and his brilliant team i live 2 hours away from newcatle but twice a year i make the journey there and any other time there is a telephone clinic and you can speak to a pd nurse who can answer any questions just a thought it might be worth a try you will have to ask your gp for a refferal good luck.sue.
hi janine,it all seems a bit confussing dont it,i would deffo try get to see another neurolist if you can.everything how you descripe your systoms,and how you feel points to pd to me,but also there is parkinisum as well janine,which is very simular as well,may be this to be looked it to as well.good luck and please keep us all informed x:smile: