Foot pain

Hi im still waiting to be diagnosed see nero 6th October.

I'm finding once ive  outside walking at a slow pace as can't walk  well, once I've sat down I get a really bad pain in my non domenient side left foot the pain goes from bottom of arch and the whole of my heal pad, then really struggle to walk  of the pain , I think its down to left side taking more weight than my right.

Does  else have this problem thank  you 


im the same in that have foot pain but its on my affected side . it developed into a neuroma ,trapped nerve, and pain in toes and ball of foot . had operation to remove nerve , pain better but walking still bad . have now developed right hip pain from using too much weight on good leg .

i take naproxen which helps plus codiene when its bad. also have night splint to stretch achilles tendon on left . i was diagnosed week ago and starting treatment but no effect yet.

try getting gp to refer to physio .


Hi Magenta 1969,
I agree with with Kittens3 about getting referred to physo, Naproxen are good for the pain in all your joints but be careful how many you take as if your on other med's make sure they don't clash. Doctors do not always get it right. The physo will help but will not cure the problem. I have left side PD and yes with leg pain from the top of my toes to the top part of my head. I only take pain killers when it is really bad and what i take is the strong version of codeine with some paracetamol .1000 mg  paracetamol & 30 mg of codeine.
As I have said to you I am very careful about other drugs especially as I am on PD meds.
Let me know how you get on BB x

I get occasional foot pain due to dystonia. This has caused the toes on my right foot ( my bad side) to curl and become claw-like. My left foot is also affected and the arch has dropped. I have had some special made to measure shoes made which help somewhat.

Magenta 1969. I take it you mean you  are going to see the neuro.  Nero was a Roman emperor. 

Ty all for your replies   been to physio previously but  was just over my general walking he gave me a walking stick.  Maybe i should use it more as would hold some  of the weight off my left side  tc all xx

That is not such a bad idea i used a walking stick even though i can walk with out one. Without the stick i am slow and my left leg drag's the stick helps balance me. And i actually walk faster with the stick rather than without one. PUK sell some rather funky ones. But so do Amazon and they are cheaper. BB XX

Thank.  bettyblue ive ordered one of amazon purple floral one xx

Your welcome my love. Hope you get on ok with it xx BB

I have several foot issues (bunions, hammertoe, pronation, and neuroma) and it is hard to find a shoe that I can walk in all day. Well, finally I did! I have Orthofeet's grey and red pair and they look and feel terrific and have great arch support. Will definitely look in to purchasing another pair.

I needed new travel Orthotic sneakers and a pair of comfortable dress shoes for a trip we are taking this summer. Orthofeet was recommended by my Physio Therapist. The website is easy to navigate and the ordering process was simple. The delivery took a little longer than I expected because I am in Canada. I did have to pay customs fees as well. But the shoes are great! They fit true to size and they are beautiful and VERY comfortable. Very happy with my purchase.