Foot Problem

My PD affects my right side. Over the last year the toes on my right foot have "clawed" and I am now at the point where socks and shoes cause discomfort. Has anyone out there in Forumland had this problem and can you give me any advice on where to look for help?

This sounds like dystonia. I have the same problem. It is one of my most inconvenient symptoms but so far it is controlled by my Sinemet. When it isn't controlled it's very painful and I can't walk.

I find if i wear a gel toe support (a little gel pad that fits under the toes and is held in place by fitting over a middle toe - google 'soft gel toe support') it helps keeps the spasms at bay. Once the spasm is in full flow foot massage and relaxation helps one continue on ones merry way.

I have read it can be both a symptom of PD or as a result of med. side effects and can also exist as a problem in it's own right. There is a dystonia web site and PDS also do a publication about it.

Hope it disappears.

I wear special shoes with most of the rear portion cut away. That reduces the pressure on the toe-end to have to squeeze into such a small space. These shoes can be found on the Internet.

You can also get existing shoes adapted free at the hospital if you can get a referral from your GP.

I find that taking shoes/slippers off whilst watching tv, then doing stretch-toes-clench-toes exercises help with the pain. Other than that I wear the softest widest shoes possible.

PD affects my right side also. I've had three ops in 2yrs on my right foot,My big toe keeps going to one side,so this caused my toes to claw.I have just recently had my toe straightened and two of my toes broken again.i would not recommend having it done. But if it becomes a real problem you need to be referred to a podiatrist.

I also suffer with dystonia causing my toes to claw. I have found it is due to medication wearing off causing 'off dystonia'

Tweaking medication timings and dosage helped. It is therefore a good idea to keep a diary to pinpoint possible triggers.

Please see the following link


I also have problems with my left foot- all my problems are on my left side.I have just had another steroid injection into my the base of two toes to help with the pain. My Rheumatologist said my foot was staeting to become deformed & I must wear the insoles that were made for me. They have been uncomfortable to wear so I am having more foam put in to help.Also I have a bubion which may need surgery at some point but I am not in a hurry to have the op. Perhaps I;m vain but I like pretty shoes & although I have never worn high heels etc as I am tall, I really dread having to wear old fashioned shoes with velcro But comfort is important.So at present I have nice shoes forspecial occasions & sensible ones to wear most of the time.My foot is usually swollen & my toes are starting to claw too. Good Luck to everyone with the same problem. Meg.

Thank you all for your info. Special thanks to Cutiepie for the link to the Foot Care Information Sheet.

I will ask my GP for a referral to a podiatry clinic and maybe I'll end up with a toe splint or some such device. I think it best not to wait until it's really bad.

Quick update. I was seen yesterday by an NHS chiropodist. I do not have dystonia. She made me a moulded silicone toe support for my right foot which I wear with shoes and I have a follow-up appointment in 8 weeks. The support takes some getting used to but is not uncomfortable. I would recommend anyone with foot/toe problems to get a referral from their GP to see a specialist before a problem gets really bad.