Foot problems

I seem to be developing quite a problem with my toes which are "clawing" due to the Parkinsons. This is causing a deep callous on my 3rd toe which is very painful when I walk.

I see a chiropodist regularly and she has referred me to my GP. He has prescribed salactol to burn away the callous and tablets as he also thinks I have a fungal nail infection. The Chiropodist is adament that my symptoms are typical of Parkinsons and the GP should refer me to a specialist. My Parkinsons consultant remains uninterested in anything other than keeping appointments as short as possible so it is a waste of time consulting him.

Does anyone else experience these problems and if so, can you suggest any way forward?
Have been having the same problem with my husband . I cut his nails etc but his big toe is curling over and sticking up . This causes it ro rub on his shoes and also is rubbing the second toe . I bandage his big toe and use micro tape to hold it , Vaseline is helpful , keeping it as soft as possible and then filing occasionally .

Because his feet and rolling inwards , he drags the right one , he is having rough dry patches on other part of his feet as well .

I have to be vigilant be cause he has also suffered with Bullous Penthagoid a skin condition witch brings up large blister . All a bit of a nightmare ..

All I can do is jeep it clean, dry and softened with vaseline , when the skin breaks I find the best solution is Suda Creme .

You can get aids to put in your shoes , maybe you could ask to see a poidiatrist
but good luck with that . Like you said it's just in and out of appointments wondering why you went in the first place .
Hello gfcexile.

A dystonic foot is my worst problem so far. My toes don't so much as curl over, they cramp up so that the knuckle in the middle is scraped on the top of my shoes. I can wear sandals or boots, nothing inbetween.

I pamper myself with a daily footspa(warm water, washing up liquid, bucket) and use a pumice stone on heels and sole, because when I am tired when walking my foot rolls over inside my boot and I tend to get a lot of rough skin problems. G.P. gave me a very good ointment -- Unguentum M Ambiphilic dermatological cream.

I'm taking Ropinirole 6mg the last time this was increased it helped with my whole foot cramping, turning and dragging, but nothing seems to sort the toes out. Soaking and massage relieves the aching but as soon as I walk they cramp up again.

Are you taking meds?
Is that a softening cream
yes Johnnie, it's very oily
Hi there gfcexile...Curling toes is my problem too. I have had some custom made shoes made by my local hospital's orthotics department. They are a big improvement and very comfortable. See my post from a few weeks back "made-to- measure-shoes" posted under "Health and wellbeing". I hope you find it helpful.

Good luck!..Chris
Thank you both , difficulty is getting into these depts isnt it ..
I had bunion and hammer toe rubbing against my shoe and two toes with corns on the sides rubbing. A few years ago showed it to GP who referred me to NHS chiropidist but not much help. Years later when I moved to France it had got increasingly sorer to walk and GP soon referred me for surgery because she said it was one more problem. Within two months had bunion removed and second toe on left foot straightened just a nick on the top sorted it. Referred to a podiatrist locally and insole made to correct way I walk with PD, she also told me to put on cream at night to alleviate hard skin on ball of foot. Reckon an op is best solution, move to France? go private? When you think of the other surgery people have done it seems justified.
So glad you have a good result Polly .
Thanks for the really helpful replies. The chiropodist referred me to my GP as she couldnt keep cutting away at my toe (and it wasnt getting better anyway).

The Salactol my GP precribed just burns and makes it even more sore. I am now using a pumice stone and softening creams but it is getting more painful. Have tried to get an appoinment with the consultant but that is proving impossible and he's pretty useless anyway.

Guess it is just one of the many things we have to learn to live with. Takes my husband ages every morning to dress my toe so I can walk, but at least I can still walk.
Not sure if will be any help but when I dress my husnbands big toes I put some v aseline on the side of the nnext toe so that the dressing does not rb . it seems to work ..

I experience foot pain pretty constantly and have struggled to find shoes that would help me alleviate the pain. Well, i have to say that I have found them. They fit well. They have reduced my heel pain as well as my fasciitis symptoms. I can walk much easier and longer now . So happy I got these shoes! orthofeet do the job!

I had a period of mild, intermittent toe dystonia which has gone away with two supplements from that list: D3 and magnesium.


OMG! I felt like I was walking on hot rocks until I got Orthofeet shoes. Now I feel like I have a new pair of feet. They have awesome arch support and great heel cushioning that work great for my plantar fascists. I’m a nurse and work in a hospital 12 hour shifts. Couldn’t keep going without these!!! Telling all my friends.

I have a problem of very dry feet skin :frowning: Butters of different kinds (like these ones, maybe they’re not the right choice???) help for a while, but maybe there’s some special cream for such cases? Sorry for the almost off topic, just tired of scratching my own legs while sleeping :frowning: