Do any of you have any tips for footcare?

Footcare is a big issue for me. My mobility is as much restricted by my foot problems as it is by Parkinson’s symptoms. My foot problems also get in the way of leading a physically active life which would slow down the progress of the Parkinson’s, so it is not a small problem at all and I get a bit frustrated that healthcare professionals don’t seem to realise its impact on my wellness.

The problem started when I broke the fifth metatarsal of my left foot in October 2014. It didn’t help that it was the second time I’d broken that bone. That was really the beginning of my Parkinson’s, because I never walked properly again after the bone was set, and my limp gradually developed into a Parkinsonian gait.

Nearly four years on I still get some discomfort in the area of the break and it still becomes very painful if I am outside in cold weather. But the foot is also badly callused and I have a rash of seed corns on the ball of my foot. I go to a chiropodist once a month, but I’m still in pain walking for three weeks out of four.

I have difficulty finding shoes that fit and are comfortable. I have found New Balance trainers are the best. Unlike other trainers they come in an extra wide fitting. Currently I’m managing with two pairs of NBs.

I did have seed corns on my right foot too, but I successfully got rid of them by creaming my feet every day. This hasn’t worked for the left foot.

I’ve just started a new regime. I’m soaking my left foot for fifteen minutes every morning in an Epsom salts solution, then rubbing the callus and corns with a foot file. Then I’m rubbing in heel balm. I repeat the heel balm in the evening. It is time consuming, but it will be worth it if I can get rid of the dratted corns!

Hi Jane,

I’m really sorry to hear how much trouble you are having with your left foot and the impact it’s having on your wellbeing. I’m sure other forum members will be able to share some helpful tips with you soon, but I just wanted to mention that we do have section on our website dedicated to foot care advice:

There might be some suggestions there that you hadn’t considered, so I thought it was worth exploring just in case.

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Thank you. The page contains a lot of useful advice. I’m doing more or less as advised on the page. What I’ve added recently is the daily soak in Epsom salts solution, which does help soften the skin. Also, I was using an adhesive pad on the callus, which made walking more comfortable, but meant the area wasn’t getting creamed. I’m leaving the pad off for the time being, so that I can treat the callus.

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