For those who take stalevo about 10 years

I will be glad to communication with patients with Parkinson's whose age is around 50-56 years old and they take the drug Stalevo about 10 years.

I was diagnosed 11 years ago, at 49. My PD drug regimen over the last 6 years has been Stalevo (75mg, 4 times per day), ropinirole (16mg, once per day), rasagiline (1mg, once per day). I'm doing OK, with the motor symptoms under control, but still not as normal. But the non-motor symptoms, e.g. drooling, are getting worse.


Thank you for your comment. I created this topic on the forum in order to attract people to discuss how durable intake of Stalevo can influence your health.

About me:

For today my daily medicine dose is

Stalevo - 400 mg (4*100)
Mirapex PD - 3 mg (2*1,5) 
Ciprolex - 1 pill a day
PK Merz - 3 pills a day
My current condition:
Positive sides:
1.Every day i exercise for 30-40min. 
2.I sing Karaoke.
3.I have been playing table tennis for 3 months now, 2 days  for 1-1.5hours, i play badminton twice a week for 1-1.5hours.

4. Last  2 weeks i use minimum help of the others in everyday life. 
5. Last 5 years in winter time i go to India for treatment in ayurveda clinic.

Negative sides: 
1. In contrast to standard Parkinsonic which is described in medical literature  i am not slim, my weight is around 95 kg, i like to eat, i like sweets, i always fight my extra weight.
2. In cold time of the year or at high humidity i feel stronger postural instability and freezing on the spot, i find it hard to turn around, quickly get tired, often awake from the sleep.

3. I have been having problems with my nasopharynx.During sleep i uncontrollably remove peels from the nose or try to clear my eyelashes. Im suffering from nocturia and heavy constipations.. 

In conclusion i would like to say that i can give 6 points to my state based on 10 point system. This is mainly due to my doctor who could adjust optimal dose of medicines, and due to possibility to visit Panchakarma in India every year.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Hello Igor,

                 I have read your post above and would like to find out more about the ayurveda clinic treatment you receive,

                     Thank you in advance


In February of this year,

The clinic is located in Kerala. Then I go through Panchakarma and again starting to feel human. I can give the phone manager.

Igor, thanks for replying, however my main interest in your article was in relation to  any medical/natural treatments they had given you. I am very interested in alternatives to ldopa etc.  


Unfortunately, I am typing very slowly and almost do not know English, so use the secretarial and translation services remotely.

Do not you have the possibility to bring an interpreter with the Russian language, to the three of us talked to some messenger? I would much you could tell. (translated by Google)

Had a translator many years ago, it was a while before the question of preservatives was understood/explained, we did laugh ot the outcome.........Your english is better than my russian was then

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