Forgetting to

Hello All, I was going to tell you something very important ,but I cant
remember what it was? My memory banks are full to bursting point, I can recall
almost to the minute exactly what I was doing 30yrs ago today, I was divorced
but had been good friends with my soon to be wife and on the 14.12.82 at this time I was having a shower as we had been invited to my friends Birthday Party I
had bought him a litre bottle of Glenmorangie which was my favourite single malt.
I can remember every one who attended and can even remember their faces ,yet I cant remember what I was doing yesterday or even this morning , and as my brother said when he knocked over a bowl of custard, "that's a trifle upsetting" I can remember this day 42 years ago, age 20 almost being killed when a bus smashed into my car head on ,well you would remember that wouldn't you , but I cant remember to put the cat out last thing,,,my wife has just informed me( we don't have a cat) ,its a bit annoying Parky , now what was I going to tell you , and where did I put my Laptop,, fedexlike