Forgive me for asking


Hi everyone over the last few days I have been visiting this site regularly to try and determine if I too have symptoms of PD.

Hopefully you are going to tell me that I don,t but whether you do or not this forum is without a doubt a great support for those that do have PD.

Having recently had a blood test because for nearly a year now I have had what I call a cotton wool feeling in my toes I have to attend an appointment tomorrow, yes I did say tomorrow which is a Sunday,with a neurologist which has set the hares running in my mind and they are going to give me a EMG test.

I am sure you are all aware of the scenario in that since being given this appointment within such a short time frame I am trying to find out via Goggle what I might possibly be suffering from.

I initially thought that it might be diabetes  but after buying a blood sugar level monitor I have ruled that out.

MS does not seem to be the problem which brings me to PD.

Other than having the cotton wool feeling in my toes I do at times feel very tired and suffer severe headaches.I also have at times stinging in my eyes and suffer from insomnia.

I am sure that the majority of us on here do not have medical qualifications so I am not looking for a specific diagnosis but what I would like to ask is whether any of this symptoms could indicate an early onset of PD.

I am by the way aged 63 but even at my age there is still so much more that I want to do.

Once I have any form of result from my appointment tomorrow pleased rest assured that I will let you all now as who nows someone else at some time may undergo the experience I am having and this will help.

I should also add that I have  no arm tremors but I do have neck and shoulder aches at times.


HI Hondated


welcome to the forum,

pd is  very individual  ,no two persons symptoms will be the same  some people have tremors some do not , same has no two people will have the same rate of progression i think this is what makes pd a difficult illness to diagnose plus there is no diagnostic test can definitely say you have pd or not, neurologists can only go on symptoms and ruling out other causes ,

Good luck with your neurologist appointment tomorrow


not being a doctor I can't diagnose, but I'd feel comfortable betting a large sum of money you don't. 

you dont have tremor, stiffness, slow movements, lack of sense of smell, constipation, quiet voice, small handwriting etc. how about 50 pounds?



ps 63 doesnt qualify for early onset but does for a bus pass, and if you did have pd it neednt stop you in your tracks. since being diagnosed i have emigrated, learned the guitar and taken up astronomy and am currently writing a novel, a play and music as well as working..


hondated -- Don't bet against Turnip.  The only symptom that rang a bell for me was the stinging eyes.  Pwp tend not to blink often enough, a habit that can make the eyes burn because of dryness.  But all of your symptoms could be associated with so many other diseases or medical conditions, I see no reason to jump to PD as the diagnosis.  Of course, that's a personal opinion from a PD patient, not a professional medical opinion.   Best of luck!


Thank you everyone that responded to my original posting I can now finally give you an update.The update is that the tests have proven that I do have a problem but they at this stage do not know what is causing it.I don't doubt that those words are very familiar to some of you as well.

They provisionally prescribed me to take a 10mg Amitriptyline tablet each night before I go to bed.

Given that I am not at the moment getting any pain and I am not depressed I did question why they wanted me to take this and the only reason was that it could trigger some of the cells that are not firing correctly.

Since my last posting I am experiencing at times a muscle restriction in my throat so given this and what I have previously said is it ringing an bells with any of yourselves.

I recognise that the majority of us on here are not medically qualified but it would be nice to know from your experiences what sort of progression in this illness I should expect.

My initial reaction to all this is that at least it isn't the big C but am I naive in thinking that !


muscle restrictions in the throat sound very unpleasant, but the pd equivalent tends to be difficulty swallowing rather than tightness.   








Hi Hondated


Reading this forum regularly , I feel inclined to go along with what Turnip has suggested that are the most common symptoms of PD.

I don't think you have it, but as Shelly said it effects people in different ways.


Regards Sheila


Thanks Sheila By what everyone has said like you I don't think that I have PD which is in some ways quite frightening because they have told me that there is obviously something wrong so what is it.

Still its just a case of waiting to see what it is I suppose.

Our New Year has not started off very well because this morning we rang our friends and learnt from his wife that Joe 45 who has who has two young children and has had MS for years has contracted Guillian -Barre syndrome which makes my few problems seem so trivial.

We are all now just  hoping and praying that Joe recovers because many sufferers do apparently.





Hi Hondated

Thanks for your post, hope your friend does recover fully (says on Wiki that some people can recover) keep your fingers crossed. Bad enough her having to deal with MS, we have a friend who suffers from this also. She also does well having two children to take care of.


Hope you also find out soon what the result of your problem is, it's the waiting that's worse!


Regards Sheila