Forgot medication what to do?

hi,had to be away early this morning, and have just relised that i dont think i took medication this morning, havnt had any side effects from it, not even felt tired..hmmm what to do
what medication?
mirapexin 1.52, was worried last night,but read the paperwork, and resumed taken it again this morning, feeling fine today thank you
good. the worst thing is when you can't remember if you've taken it.
Agreed turnip - have I, haven't I, did I didn't I? Horrible.
I print out a monthly table of dates, times & meds. When I take the med (or am reminded to do so) , I make sure that I tick the approprite box (or carer does) It has become second nature. It does not mean that never I forget to take them or remember whether I have, but it is there in black & white.
AB i think i will have to go that now i am on 7 different pills.
The usual advice is to omit the forgotten dose and then carry on as usual from the next dose. Check with your PD nurse or GP if you are unsure.
I once absentmindedly took a second tablet of Sinemet plus straight after the first. In my befuddled early morning state with a pounding headache I had mistaken sinemet for paracetamol both white on one side. I certainly won't do that again - felt I was going to explode After dx. when I first took a sinemet tablet I was sicker than I have ever experienced in my life. Since then I've read that you need to be up to a regime of at least three a day to have enough of the anti-sickness component of the tablet in your system which I did work out for my self. So why don't they give you something for the sickness whilst you are titrating up.?